Just like packing, unpacking is also a very important part of the entire journey and that is why A-Plus Phoenix Movers offer two options:

1. Complete unpacking
When we say complete unpacking, it means we are responsible for ensuring that everything is in check and in the right place. After we finish unpacking, you will not see pieces of tape, or plastic bags lying around. You will see a fully furnished, properly placed and decorated home or office all thanks to our in-house interior decorators who are some of the best in the world. We will not leave till the last speck of dust has vanished and the last bed lamp is plugged in.

2. Partial unpacking
Commonly, when we are moving families or offices, there are certain things that the client does not wish to share with our workers. It could be items of sentimental or personal value or things which are very sensitive in their nature that shouldn’t be seen by anyone else. These particular articles or objects will be labelled before moving starts and when we reach the location, our people will not open or unpack anything that has that particular label.