Retail Moves

A-Plus Phoenix Movers has a dedicated retail relocation service which is one phone call away. We have moved all types of retail shops, showrooms and even entire shopping malls. Our past experiences and positive feedback is what makes us confident to overcome all retail relocation challenges. With our skilled labor and cutting edge technology, we will make you move all your retail items with absolute safety in the shortest time.
The general items involved in any retail moves are showcases, products, decorative items, registers, filing cabinets, electrical appliances and all sorts of lavish and delicate furniture. Thanks to our in-house interior decorator, you can unload and place everything to perfection.

If you want a new look, no matter how many times you ask our workers to move a single item, they will patiently do it because they have more than enough motivation and incentives to give a full 100%. We fully understand how our clients want everything to be perfect and we want to make every decorating dream come true.

Why Retail Move
One of the essential things to note for a retail client is the location of their business. Having a business in a prime location instantly ensures that the business will succeed. And when a retail business is flourishing, they constantly look for new places to expand their ventures. At such places, A-Plus Phoenix Movers have the complete solution.

Also, in many retail ventures, the goods are exceptionally fragile and need extra attention to be paid. If a residential mover completes a retail relocation, a lot of the goods will be damaged because of the lack of experience. Our equipment, workforce, vehicles, everything is in top notch condition and there will be no complaints of damaged goods or of broken equipment. We revel in our professionalism and efficiency.

Who Do We Cater to?
We have catered to many different kinds of retailers and all our past clients have not had a single complaint against us and we always offer the best services in the best rates. Shops, display centers, showrooms, art galleries and all sorts of perishable and non-perishable goods.

We understand that the biggest challenge is to ensure not even a small scratch comes on the goods and movers who do not have past experiences in handling fragile goods or are new to retail relocation always end up damaging goods because they do not understand the requirements The retail moving team at A-Plus Phoenix Movers has a vast experience in this type of moving.

Cost of Retail Move
Normally, we use the generalized way of calculating the estimate depending on the kind goods that are being transported. However, the equipment we use, such as the trucks and the packaging material are more advanced than when we transport other goods. So it depends on what you want to relocate. Rest assured, our experts will give you the lowest possible estimate for your convenience.

Listed below are some things that we use to estimate the total cost:
1.● Fragility of item(s)
1.● Total quantity of item(s)
1.● Total distance travelled
1.● Legal regulations and restrictions
1.● Total weight of item(s)
1.● Services provided by the staff members

Process of Retail Move
At A-Plus Phoenix movers, your business is always important to us so we leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality control and services provided. Our twenty years of experience is more than sufficient to easily relocate you and your business without any extra costs and delays.

Our process begins with our expert ringing your doorbell and assessing your items to come up with a quote. Things like the number and type of items, distance and equipment will come in play when the representative is calculating the budget. So make sure you are straight about your requirements and tell him about any doubts which you may have. Remember, your satisfaction is our primary goal and the only way we can make the move efficient and effective is if you tell us everything there is to know about the shifting.

The representative who calculates your budget will also be appointed to your move. He will foresee the entire packaging and moving process and make sure that nothing is damaged or lost. So if you have any personal belongings you don’t want anyone to see, just hand it over to him and he will take care of the rest.

Ring us at (480)418-6544 and we’ll make sure to meet each of your moving demands to the best of our capabilities.