Office Moving

One of the most popular and in-demand of our packages, is office moving. This service offered by A-Plus Phoenix Movers is known to be one of the trustiest ways of relocating entire offices in and out of the city. Offices are on a stricter schedule so wo know that time is money for you. One room or an entire building, our standards remain intact and our services are always top notch

Why Offices Move
Usually, clients relocate their offices because their current location is not feasible for them anymore, some of the types of office moves include:

New Branch
When a business is doing well, it feels the need to open a newer and bigger office to allow more space for their employees, but they must ensure minimal losses throughout the journey. A-Plus Phoenix Movers ensure that timely shifting of the goods is a must for the business to continue growing. We have seen businesses lose their footings because of failed relocation and moving done by unskilled workers.

When two businesses merge together, the goods to be transferred are double because there are two offices and double the workforce is needed. So a much larger space is needed. We reassure you that it has become common practice to merge two businesses together and we are fully equipped for all purposes at all times.

When a company’s profits and revenue increases, they need more manpower and space to further gain profits and a better reputation. Many times we have been the first choice for our clients because of our impeccable reputation and incomparable work efficiency.

Not all businesses flourish, many times downsizing is essential to keep the business alive. This is why we offer office packaging differently. For a business which is downsizing, every penny counts and we at A-Plus Phoenix movers, try to save as much as possible and ensure that the money spent has not gone to waste. That is why our name is amongst the best in the country.

Our Clients
Many people consider shifting to be a very exposing process. There are always goods which our clients do not want other people to see. Especially offices which have an agenda behind them.

Be it a political campaigning office or a private research facility, we ensure minimal exposure and we safeguard the secrets of our clients like our own. So without any prejudice and biasness, A-PIus Phoenix Movers offer 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee that the job is done quickly, silently, efficiently and professionally. Listed below are some of our previous experiences and we urge you to contact us if your category is not listed below:

Corporate Offices
A corporate office mainly consists of paperwork and computers and the regular furniture. A few decoration pieces here and there, conference tables etc. We have a lot of clientele from this category and it is not a problem for our qualified workforce.

Smart offices
There is a new trend of smart offices which minimize space occupied. They have overall lesser total weight than the average offices but there are a lot of itty bitty things that need to be taken into account. All the extra devices and fancy looking tables cause a bit of a hassle for anyone else but we have relocated many such offices without a single complaint.

Cost of Office Moving
Our experts have a generalized expenditure plan; however, our basic cost depends on the following things:
● Fragility of item(s)
● Total quantity of item(s)
● Total distance travelled
● Legal regulations and restrictions
● Total weight of item(s)
● Services provided by the staff members

We provide top-notch services in the most affordable of prices. You can get a free quote and then compare our prices to the rest of the market, you will see that we are worth it.

Process of Office Moving
At A-Plus Phoenix movers, we strive to maintain the standard set by our clients which is why we will allocate a representative to you for all times throughout the procedure. This representative will ensure that your documents are marked, noted, numbered before he takes charge of them.

The expert assigned to your case will visit you once you have called us for a consultation and talk to you about the move. He will check the items, machines and furniture to be relocated and ask you about the exact location of the move. Once he has these factors in hand, he will come up with a good plan to begin the process of moving.
After you have agreed to the quote as well as the time it will take to make the move possible, the representative will start to guide the staff on how to package, load, unload and deliver the goods to your new location. He will keep you updated throughout the process and will ensure that everything is in order when you finally get a chance to view your new office. If you have any confidential files, you can ask him to take care of it personally so no prying eyes can get the information they are looking for.

We never compromise on the quality of our work, so give us a call at (480)418-6544 or leave us your information on the Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.