Long Distance Moves

At A-Plus Phoenix movers, we are more than equipped and experienced to relocate you to any part of the country. 100% customer satisfaction and a full guarantee of successful relocation in the most efficient way is what we promise. Even if it is the remotest part of the desert or right in the middle of a city, we are the #1 movers and our 20+ years has given us a lot of experience.

Long distance move means out of state. If you are looking to move to another state to witness a change of environment, do not hesitate to give us a call. To the farthest, most remote locations present, our reach has no limit and we have the best services to offer.

Why Long Distance move
Switching states can have many reasons behind it such as wanting a change of environment, expanding a businesses, inflation, or simply because you have found a new job. Whatever the case, A-Plus Phoenix movers are here to cater for all your requirements and needs. Call us now and we will answer your queries. We have everything you need to ensure your move is more peaceful than you thought.

Who Do We Cater to?
It does not matter whether you are a residential client or a commercial one, we will provide full services in the most affordable rates. Listed below are some of the categories we provide our services to:

Residential Move
If you are a family and you want to relocate to another state, we have the easiest and cheapest answers to all your questions. From anywhere in the country to anywhere, we promise a safe and fast way to relocate without the least hassle.

Commercial/ Office/ Retail Move
We cater to all types of commercial and retail ventures which look to relocate to another state. Either they want to expand and reach newer markets or they want to downsize, A-Plus Phoenix Movers are the best in the market and will move all your goods with ease and without any losses.

Cost of Long Distance Moves
Long distance moving costs differs from short distance. Short distance covers interstate areas which are in the local radius and not very far away. Long distance implies every corner of the country. It could be on the Yukon border with Canada or it could be on the other side in Texas near the Mexican border.
The cost of long distance usually exceeds the cost of interstate travel, so our expert uses these guidelines to estimate the total cost:

1.● Fragility of item(s)
1.● Total quantity of item(s)
1.● Total distance travelled
1.● Legal regulations and restrictions
1.● Total weight of item(s)
1.● Services provided by the staff members
1.● Extra services and equipment provide

Process of Long Distance Moves
The expert which we send over will take more time than interstate relocation, to estimate out the total cost. The expert will gauge the material that is to be transports, what are the complications involved in the entire process, and consider any special requests you may have. We want to make sure that your move is as ideal as possible so try to be patient with our representative and give him time to come up with the best possible solution.

If the allotted time and budget seems right to you, you can go ahead and sign the contract. However, if you have any doubts or questions about the quote or type of move, you can always talk to our representative and he will try to resolve your issues and find a common ground. Remember to tell the representative about any personal and private documents or items that you don’t want others to see because such things are packaged and labelled only by the expert.

Our trucks are customized for minimizing all sorts of damages and our suspensions are specially designed for a smoother trip. The insides of our truck are padded so nothing moves from its position and no damage occurs.
Once we reach the location, our staff will place everything according to your wishes and requirements, regardless of how long it takes. They will only leave when you are 100% satisfied with the result.

So call us at (480)418-6544 to book an appointment with an expert representative right away!