Important Things to Know

We want you to be sure about your decision in choosing us. This is why we transparency in our process throughout the move. So before we get started, here are a couple of things which you should know about our company and workforce:

● Insurance
Perhaps the most important thing to know about A-Plus Phoenix Movers is the fact that we are a fully insured organization with plans covering everything from fire damage to weather conditions or road accidents. When your goods are under our supervision, they will be treated as our goods and we will leave no stone unturned in protecting your goods.

Here are a few of our insurance plans:
2.1. Materials Insurance
The goods that we are responsible for will be fully insured save the few items which are irreplaceable. It has never happened that we have needed to use insurance of any sort because our professional squad are perfectionists and we believe in fulfilling all the clients’ demands. But nevertheless, if something does happen, you can rest assured that you will be compensated.

2. Workers Insurance
We believe the more our workers benefit from us, the more devoted they will be in their work. And we have always had positive results. Each and every one of our worker is insured should some mishap occur. Rarely have we ever used this type of insurance as our basic pay is more than sufficient.

3. Vehicle Insurance
Every vehicle the company owns is fully insured for any possible contingency so there is barely anything which we have not taken care off. The trucks that will be carrying your goods will be insured, the driver who is driving the vehicle will be insured, as will your goods which our responsibility that will be insured.

● Communication
The secret to a successful relocation and a 100% customer satisfaction, is to keep the client very close to the heart of the entire journey. Every step taken by our workers will be thoroughly vetted and discussed upon before we start, so there is no confusion. We allot representatives to our clients who give a heads up on every of our moves and ensures that the clients’ demands are being met.

We also promote contributions of ideas from our workers which they believe would improve our clients’ experience throughout. This raises their morale and gives a very big boost allowing them to work with more motivation and vigor.

● Negotiations
Taking a quote from us is the easiest thing possible, call us now and we will immediately send our experts over. We send our most experienced personnel to your doorstep who will cover every aspect of the relocation and your requirements. Then they will calculate the total cost compared with market rates and give you the total cost within five working days.

The total cost is negotiable of course, but we deem that unnecessary because we offer some of the most affordable rates and the best services. So when our expert provides you with the cost, rest assured he will have done his homework diligently and is providing the cheapest rates possible.

Our efficiency allows us to be afforded by everyone from the social stratus. Our workers have handled some of the most sensitive and fragile equipment so there is very little chance that there is still something left to learn.