How We Pack?

At A Plus-Phoenix Movers, we have a wide range of packaging materials and guides we use to pack our goods. Each of our worker has to go through a vigorous training before they can be a full member of the packing team. This includes giving trials and taking classes from our packaging instructor. There are also specific books our company pioneers have written which contains a guide to pack almost anything in the world. New information is added to these books every year and we strive to improve it every step of the way.

It is a long and tiresome process, but when training ends, there is a steep hike in their pays and in their packaging skills too. So the team we send you to help move around with so much ease go through a lot of exercise and practice before they were accomplished enough to be a part of your team.

Fast paced, smart, efficient and professionally tackling every situation, our packaging squad is well renowned amongst the industry. Each and every member of our packaging squad is a veteran when it comes to packaging and that is visible when they work as a unit. We have many clients who are solely attracted and impressed by our packaging methods and have been our clients for a very long time.

Listed below are some of the items we use in our packaging:
●1. Bubble wrap
●2. Plastic wrap
●3. Paper pads
●4. Corner blocks
●5. Packing tape
●6. End caps
●7. Boxes (of all sizes)
●8. Foam and Thermocol
●9. Cushion wrapping

What we pack
Throughout our history, we have succeeded in packing everything successfully, with ease and no complaints. From heavy machinery to volatile chemicals to radioactive substances, we have the means to transport anything and everything. Every time we transport something new, we gain valuable insight from the client on the specific requirements for packing that particular material and we have twenty years of experience in dealing with various items. All the specific information is recorded and reused every time we have to transport something we have dealt with before.

So there is only a minuscule chance we have not packed already what you ask us to pack. Below is a short list of the things we have moved to date:

●1. Furniture (tables, chairs, sofas etc.)
●2. Electrical appliances (TV, computers, Fridges, washing machines)
●3. Antiques/Ancient artifacts (priceless historical objects which are rendered worthless even by the slightest of scratches)
●4. Works of art (paintings, sculptures etc.)
●5. Automobiles (Cars, Vans, Motorcycles, boats)
●6. Musical instruments (drum kit, pianos, harps)
●7. Complex machinery (Telescopes, Medical equipment)
●8. Livestock (goats, cows, horses, sheep)

If you have any queries or questions about our packaging methods, give us a call now on our toll free number (480) 418-6544 and all your questions will be answered.