Commercial Moving

Most of our clients at A-Plus Phoenix Movers, are fully satisfied with our commercial moving package. We understand the challenges involved in moving commercial ventures because each company has a different situation. It is not easy to relocate industrial grade machinery over large distances. But we have more than enough experience in doing so and understand that the goods we transport are very important to you; automatically making it important to us to ensure they are safely transported. In leaving no stone unturned to satisfy you, we exceed all expectations you had in us.

Why Commercial Moving
Commercial moving and office moving are differently tackled because of their varying natures. When someone is relocating their factory or an establishment which has been raking in money, and want to upgrade their facilities, that is when they avail our commercial moving package.

We can move according to your limitations of time and money and we provide the best, most professional services on this side of the globe.
Who Do We Cater to?
Here is a list of the type of commercial clients which we have served throughout the years. If you believe that we have not covered your type of commercial moving, then we urge you to contact our representatives asap and they will answer all your questions.

There are many legal restrictions and laws which complicate the transporting of industrial materials and its relocation. Rest assured, we have covered every clause of every law and our entire procedure has been vetted by the local authorities such as EPA and OSHA. We have different ways of packaging different types of equipment and we have strict quality control over our entire moving procedure. So be it radioactive material, nuclear material or just plain plastic, we have you covered.

Transporting livestock is always messy business. Not only is there equipment but there are also animals which require special attention because of their value. For this reason, we have skilled labor which will take care of your equipment, and also have a special arrangement for live goods. So throughout the trip, they will be groomed and serviced by our staff and protected from weather and other unsuitable scenarios. And at all times, they will be in the presence of a veterinary doctor so they will have health insurance for the entire journey!

Each warehouse is a different story. From fragile items like eggs and ceramics to large slabs of glass and huge blocks of metal, but don’t worry because we have done it all. Each and every piece will be packed as such that neither will they be a liability for other equipment nor will they disturb the balance that we create when we pack. That is why A-Plus Phoenix Movers are one of the best movers in the country.

Relocating hotels is one of the most demanding tasks because there is no limit to what kind of equipment needs to be transported. From slot machines, card tables and large pieces of decoration, to office and bedroom furniture, anything and everything needs to tackled individually and with a different skill set. We have never refused a challenge and till date we have never heard a complaint from our clientele about goods being damaged by our staff intentionally or unintentionally.

Medical Establishments
Medical establishments usually include hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical factories and laboratories. These establishments own expensive and delicate equipment which can easily be damaged, so we have to take extra care that nothing goes amiss. Also, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled. For example, transporting medicines cannot be done under normal weather conditions. The temperature, moisture, amount of sunlight and other factors render the medicines useless. We are one of the few who have movable cold storages in which we have a controlled environment and that ensures that the medicines are kept under optimum conditions and are not wasted due to our lapses.

Cost of Commercial Moving
Because there are so many different scenarios in commercial moving that we cannot give one generalized estimate, we send in an expert who can analyze the items which need to be moved and give you a budget accordingly. The factors which will decide the quote are:
● Fragility of item(s)
● Total quantity of item(s)
● Total distance travelled
● Legal regulations and restrictions
● Total weight of item(s)
● Services provided by the staff members

What this does is to ensure that no unnecessary cost is bared by the client and that we can keep our costs as low as possible because we already provide the most competitive rates in the entire market. Once our experts have gauged and given their estimates, the client accepts or declines to sign the contract with us. The rates given by our experts are negotiable but clients rarely feel the need to negotiate because our experts guide them thoroughly through the expenditure of the entire journey.

Process of Commercial Moving
At A-Plus Phoenix movers, we strive to maintain the standard set by our clients which is why we will allot a representative to you for all times throughout the procedure. First the expert will come and analyze the entire situation. What to relocate, where to relocate, how to package. Then he will formulate an action plan and a schedule according to your timetable and requirements.

After that, once you have agreed to the action plan and signed the contract, the representative will make sure that there is transparency throughout the move. Any specific demands made on the spot by the client are handled and conveyed using the representatives and he will be present at all times with our staff, whilst loading, packing, unloading and unpacking. And not only will we assure that your furniture is properly handed, but we also have interior decorators who will be present on the spot and contribute in the unpacking, unloading and the setting of your new location.

Call us now at (480)418-6544 for commercial move booking, we guarantee that all your confusions will be cleared and we will be your first choice.