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A-Plus Phoenix Mover

A-Plus Phoenix Movers have been operating in Arizona for the past 20 years with offices in over 20+ locations. It is at the forefront of moving companies in Arizona and is one of the most loving moving companies in AZ.

Be it within state, or within country, one hundred percent customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a powerful tracking system which can track your move anywhere in the world and at any time. With so much experience under our belts, we can assure the safety and handling of your furniture and your equipment at all times.

Our Job
Moving or shifting can be an arduous task if handled incorrectly and by amateurs, which is why, we at A-Plus Phoenix Movers plan our work according to the circumstances and the situation at hand. We fully understand the emotions of the party involved which is why we aim to make the entire trip as smooth as possible and are prepared for the slightest contingency or obstacle that arises.

What we do
If you are a large family and want to relocate anywhere in the country, just give us a call. If you are a commercial venture looking to shift your outpost, dial our number. Be it in the middle of a busy city or the most desolate corner of the country, we will ensure that we have fulfilled all your requirements and everything is top notch. Whatever your requirements, they will be fulfilled and not only will you thank us but also recommend us to other people because of the excellent services we have to offer.

Who are we
Our team consists of an accomplished, well versed, literate, and smart work force. Our first priority is efficiency and we care a lot about our client’s requirements. We hire only the top tier people and also train our employees to maintain quality care for our clients. Our clients are extremely dear to us and we strive to mold according to our clients’ wishes. We are more of a family where our workers look out for each other and therein lies the secret of our success.

Never have we had a single complaint against our staff or our services and we intend it stays that way. When you give us a call, we will send over our experts to discuss your requirement. This expert will gauge and analyze the work involved and the steps needed to be taken to ensure a proper and complete transfer of your property. From delicate and extremely fragile packages to large, heavy duty machines that can handle any load, we take care of everything. You will be fully satisfied by our services once you meet our experts. We have all the necessary equipment and the correct knowledge on how to tackle different problems.

Yes, when you will see our team at work, you will be shocked at their handling and their speed but that is exactly what they have been trained to do. All this is included in the estimate the experts will give so rest assured, we will help you fit into your new location and you will instantly feel comfortable and relaxed.

Also many movers do not ensure the security of your furniture and do not allow the customer to go through the process and inform them about what they are doing. We have a straight up no- nonsense transparency policy. A representative will be allotted to you who will be there only to answer any and every query you have, guide you through the entire process and will ensure that all your requirements are being fulfilled. He will also be responsible for solving problems on the spot taking both, the customer’s wishes and the circumstances involved into account.

If you are still not satisfied by our services as yet, explore our website to find out more. If you are, then pick up the phone and give us a call at (480) 418-6544 and get your free estimate as soon as possible!


A-Plus Phoenix Movers provide a range of services and packages which you can choose from. We ensure that each of our package is designed exactly according to your wishes and requirements so when you choose us, you choose yourself because we always put you first. Once we have finished our work with you and move on to the next client, we do not forget our valuable customers.


In this method, our qualified technicians pack everything according to its requirements. Easily broken, fragile items such as glass are packed differently than other materials. Everything will be packed accordingly and we will use our trademark packaging. All your products will be our responsibility and we'll make sure nothing is damaged during transport and moving.


At A-Plus Phoenix movers, we are more than equipped and experienced to relocate you to any part of the country. 100% customer satisfaction and a full guarantee of successful relocation in the most efficient way is what we promise. Even if it is the remotest part of the desert or right in the middle of a city, we are the #1 movers and our 20+ years has given us a lot of experience.

A Plus Phoenix Movers
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